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THIS PAGE IS IN THE PROCESS. IT WILL BE ADDED TO(OR REDONE) soon enough(i.e. whenever I get around to it.) In the meantime, bear with me.
Personal Ljs:

september_icons-She makes some of the loveliest Lord of the Rings icons I've ever seen, with incredible use of light and great text, as well as icons from a few other fandoms. Check her out!
_coquettish-She makes everything from stock to Disney to films and fashion, and does a great job of all of it. Look and enjoy.
artic_fox_icons-Preserves a high-quality and focused effect in all of her icons, I admire her to death. Makes great celeb icons of such actors as Johnny Depp, Keira Knightley, Orlando Bloom,Naomi Watts, Hugh Jackman, and many more(and more obscure) celebs, as well as films like Pirates of the Caribbean, Benny and Joon, The Phantom of the Opera, and yes, even North and South and The Sound of Music. She is also very amenable to suggestions. :D
opportune_icons -makes unusual icons with interesting light and focus choices, mostly of popular fandoms like Veronica Mars, Harry Potter, and Lost, as well as some stock and others. Harry Potter icons are particularly good. And the Keira Knightley icons have a playful and bouncy feel to them.

foolish_passion-the main fan site for that breathtakingly fabulous period drama North and South. Go. Join. If you have not yet seen it, WATCH IT.
period_drama</span>-newly established icon journal for all sorts and types of costume and period dramas and musicals,etc. We can always do with more of those, and it's a well-set up journal with talented posters, so go and join!
writerly_icons-one of my favorite icon communities, not updated often enough for me but always fabulous when it is. Quotes, images, pics and profiles of the writers,  anything book-and-writing related really. Virginia Woolf, James Joyce, Emily Bronte, Jane Austen, Nabakov, Barrett Browning, Lewis Caroll-all those brilliant writers we love and remember. Check it out.
civilitea-a tea-centered icon community with plenty of lovely and mouth-watering eye-candy. Join and enjoy!

aesthetic_icons-the only other worthwhile art icon community that I've found. Very good.
fellowshipicons-for clean Lord of the Rings icons. Some incredibly talented members and GORGEOUS icons. Look and adore.
clevermagic-all-in-one fansite for the three fandoms Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Eragon.  Ideas, opinions,  theories, fan fics, icons and pretty much everything else you can think of is welcomed. New community but fabulous idea-all it needs is more members to be a fabulous community(particularly with the upcoming Harry Potter and Eragon films)
indieicons-largely self-explanatory, but a great place to post all those icons of the obscure films that you love and no one else has seen. I was very glad to find this community.
fringe_icons-same general idea as above but the idea is more about bringing small fandoms to a larger audience. Another great place.

Other frabjously talented creators/interesting communities:

 please join! :) what
color_of_grace a_curst_shrew
If you want to affiliate, leave a comment here. I like affiliates so don't hesitate. :D The only stipulation :D The only stipulation I have is that if you EVER post any type of slash or any icons having a gay or lesbian theme, please don't even ask as I will not accept you.And I much prefer personal journal to communities, although if you're a community of one of my fandoms(Alias, Moulin Rouge, Phantom of the Opera, etc.) I'll probably accept you. I occasionally choose to represent affiliates with one of their icons, particularly if I feel they're particurly talented and so far overlooked, so if I decide you fit that criteria I'll either ask you to pick an icon or choose it myself. If you have a banner, by all means leave it, although I can't absolutely promise that I'll use it. (I don't like banners. And frankly tend to use them only on those I think are the best of the best) Other'n got it!
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