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Zis is the icon journal of ambergold. My interests are mostly costume dramas, epics, and art with the occasional sci-fi/fantasy/horror thrown in(Serenity, Underworld, LOtR, Peter Pan). I also do the occasional stock icons and select actors/celebrities-Gerry Butler, James D'Arcy, Emmy Rossum, Nicole Kidman. I don't have Photoshop, so instead I use a simple but convoluted process that works quite well. But my icons will very rarely have text and will never be animated or have any particular special effects. So if that's what you want, well, there are hundreds of others out there that can provide exactly that. Instead, I go to the effort of finding beautiful and clear images to begin with and using very good cropping skills. And they usually turn out quite lovely if I do say so myself. All of which means essentially that I'm a minimalist both by necessity and taste. I also have a liking for obscure films and for unusual approaches to well-known films. So, if you're still hanging around after all that, come on in and join! NOTE-I'm a fairly new community. And yes, I am good to my affiliates. :D

-Comment. On everything. Or I shall send screaming bands of Orcs out to hunt you
down and tear you apart. Or, alternately, if you prefer a more civilized method,
I shall turn to a certain rabble-crowd of dissatisfied mill workers who shall
stone you with full-hearted abandon. Either way, a grisly death awaits.
-Credit-if you don't always credit, I will forgive you, but credit at least a
couple for each batch from which you take. And it is much appreciated in
-Don't hotlink. You know better than that. And I'm tired of repeating that old

(The very talented and lovely people who have similar icon-making tastes. If I
feel that you're particularly good and overlooked, I put an icon beside your name)
graniasthepinkscarlett violet_gem
notley_abbey netherfield_x lupinskitty
brokenicons_her_glowsleeping__bud mysticalicons
eikonographiaemma snowdrop_iconsroman holiday
finger_painterso monstericonsso carmeloiconswhat
er_my_nee_2so burst_intobloomso starsneezedwhat
lecirquewhatatreyuthewarriowhat aom_leiconzso
rougir thy_light windsong_icons iconsbysarah epicons
rougir what
angelfish_icons erikagiry_icons mowd_iconsfading_melody
angelfish sopetticoatrow __witchinghour
aria_icons tempest_icons formykingicons
so maybe formyking
cravatdesign theoldvicarage on_her_own more_icons jellybeanie87

Other frabjously talented creators/interesting communities:
tangled_wishes stormfronticons italian_jewels
please join! :) whattigerlily_icons brightest_light
snap_icons secretly_obsess subjunctively _blisse
yiddidea_icons a_curst_shrew color_of_grace offbeat_icons

For further recommendations and affiliates requests, go here.

refuted provided the layout stylesheet and journal header and layout customization was done by the fabulous and multi-talented mellafe.

Maker at fauxicons

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Awoke the Dawn ScreenCaptures
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Fine Eyes Captures

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